Venus Viva MD Promotions

Skin resurfacing with Venus Viva MD at Skinity Clinic

Prices and promotions for VENUS VIVA MD skin resurfacing treatment by dermatologist at Skinity Clinic in Bangkok.

VIVA Scarless Program

VIVA Scarless treatment program is a skin resurfacing treatment program using Venus Viva MD’s NanoFractional RF for skin resurface, minimize pores and skin rejuvenation. The price for VIVA Scarless program is starting from 4,990 THB.

Full-face (1 session) : 6,290 THB from 8,000 THB
Full-face (3 sessions) : 17,900 THB from 24,000 THB

Skin Rejuvenation and resurfacing

To get the most out of a treatment session, you can choose to do another treatments alongside with VIVA Scarless treatment to accelerate your skin resurfacing using skin rejuvenation treatments such as PDRN or Polynucleotide injection (REJURAN).

Skin Rejuvenation

Acne scars subcisions : 2,000 THB / session
Placenta Growth Factor : 3,900 THB / session
SSND (PDRN 2%) : 4,900 THB / session

*Prices when purchase with VIVA Scarless treatment


REJURAN (Skin rejuvenation) : 8,000 THB / session (2 cc)
REJURAN s (For acne scars) : 9,000 THB / session (1 cc)
REJURAN i (For under-eyes wrinkles) : 9,000 THB / session (1 cc)

*Prices when purchase with VIVA Scarless treatment